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Computer Lab

We have a modern computer lab for repairs of all types of devices, you can bring your equipment or we will take care of the collection and transfer. We will carry out the Diagnosis and before repairing it we will send you a complete budget so that you can evaluate it and decide. [+]

Remote support

The Remote Support service allows you to evaluate and solve problems almost immediately through the use of computer tools and secure connection. You will have a technician available every time you need to solve all kinds of problems. [+]


With the incorporation of the Computer Consulting service, you will gain an important collaborator when necessary. We adjust to the requirements through a flexible system that allows to cover different. [+]

About Q-pcs.com

We are a Consulting Technology Company specialized in offering Computer Services and Products. Being, the constant research and formation in new technologies and tendencies ,a permanent task, for being able to offer creatives and innoveiting solutions.

We adapt to the costumers necessities and we go along with him, before, during and after each project.


Our Principles:

Quality: In each one of this projects we achieved and services that we offer, always searching the better improve.

COMPROMISE: The whole people that we work , companys y profesionals, our Society, and of course, with ourselves and tha targets from our firm.

PARTICIPATION: From the whole agents that belongs to our company, promoting the collective talent, over the individual one.

TRUST: From our clients, like the same members of the entity, searching a segurity link and credibility with the company.

EFFICIENCY: In the use of the ways and the resources that we count, looking for the efficiency in the all task we make.


Nuestro Modelo

Our Model:

Not all the companys needs the same solutions; for this reason, our model is flexible and it adapts to the needs of every client. We offer from a single unique service individual way, until we offer integration services.

Our Identity:

Quality, Profesionality, and Compromise are the indentity signs from Q-pcs.com from we offer complete services to our clients, designing and managing solutions adapted to every necessity.

Our Identity

Our Target

Our Target:

Help out our clients to reduce the cost of their services.

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